Secondary school

Fit for the future

It is our strong belief that education is about far more than simply acquiring knowledge. Secondary school is a place where children grow into young adults.

Healthy, positive attitude to performance

Our goal is for students to identify their personal potential and take pleasure in their achievements and in playing a part in the community.

The subject 'Learning How to Learn' is offered from Year 5. It provides students with key tools for designing their study. Our students keep a log in which they work with their teachers to define and pursue personal study goals.

Activity groups, excursions, annual class trips and school events allow students to develop vital social and personal skills above and beyond what can be learned in the confines of the classroom. Click here to read more about our educational concept and our varied and interesting school day.

Orientation Days and Orientation Meetings

We are convinced that a long-term goal is the best possible motivation. To underpin this, we create incentives for our students to look beyond their school horizons and develop their own plans. In addition to work experience offers and numerous talks, events and excursions concerning aspects of their careers and future lives, our students can attend Orientation Days and an Orientation Meeting.

Orientation Days are held in Year 8. They take the form of five-day excursions with numerous workshops, where students have the opportunity to explore their personal values, strengths and abilities and develop individual goals and targets on that basis.

In Year 10, the school principal holds Orientation Meetings with all students and their parents to discuss the student's options for school-leaving qualifications and what follows.

Booster lessons

Our all-day school concept enables us to assign more hours to various areas than are planned for in the official curriculum.

For example, if required students may receive booster sessions if required; here, the class is divided into streams to enable individual issues and challenges to be addressed in greater depth.

The lower school receives more sports lessons, ensuring that all PGH students gain swimming certificates by the end of Year 6. IT tuition is held throughout in the lower school, laying important foundations for the students' skills in using the most important school-related hardware and software.

Support and coaching

Teenagers are going through a phase of life which is driven by boundless creativity – but also fraught with uncertainty and insecurity. In addition to knowledge, we provide young people with the skills they need to lead a successful life and deal with others with attention, honesty and respect.

Students experiencing difficulties in a specific subject can take coaching from middle school onwards. This eliminates the need for extra coaching after school hours.

If the turmoil of puberty presents challenges that our students are not yet able to cope with on their own, our school community provides a study coach and school psychiatrist.

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School tracks

Areas of focus – science route and languages route

Our secondary school offers a languages route and a science/technology route. All students start with English as their first foreign language in Year 5, and take up a second foreign language in Year 6.

Lower school
Year 5
Joint lessons

Start 1st foreign language: English
Choose 2nd foreign language: French or Latin

Lower school
Year 6
Joint lessons

Start 2nd foreign language: French or Latin

Lower school
Year 7
Joint lessons

Choose route

Middle school
Year 8 - 10
Science route
  • Chemistry: from Year 8, 2 lessons/week
  • Profile (Chemistry or Physics): from Year 8, 2 lessons/week
  • Computer Science: from Year 9, 2 lessons/week
Language route
  • 3rd foreign language: Spanish, 4 lessons/week
  • Chemistry only from Year 9
  • No Computer Science in the Middle School
Work experience

Exploring the working world

For our students, expanding their personal perspectives to take in the world of business and society as a whole is a crucial part of developing their personal strengths and interests. Social work experience makes an important contribution to social plays a vital role in developing and encouraging empathy, communication skills and personal responsibility.

Two work experience placements offer students their first insight into the world of work. Within this new context, they gain experience, discover personal skills and develop their views and their goals.

Social work experience
  • 10 to 12 hours working in a social institution in Holzkirchen or in the local area
  • Takes place in the last two school days before the Easter holidays
  • Students contact the institutions independently
  • Preparation and follow-up in religion / ethics lessons
  • Students create a personal work experience file
10 + 11
Two work experience placements
  • Two week placement, including the final week of spring break holiday and first week of school after spring break
  • Students search and apply for positions independently
  • Interdisciplinary preparation phase
  • Form teacher visits the students at their workplace location
  • Students write individual reports during work experience
ag gymnasium

Extra-Curricular activities – an integral part of the school day

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the school day. These groups give students the opportunity to discover new things, develop skills and explore hobbies and interests that may end up accompanying them throughout their lives.

As well as a range of classic sports, music and creative activities, students can engage in further exciting projects such as our school company, a business start-up seminar, a natural cosmetics academy and a culture subscription series.

Registration for the activity groups is at the start and at the half-way point of the school year. It is voluntary, but is binding for the following half-year period.


Internationally recognized language certificate


Diplôme d’études de langue française (DELF) is an officially recognized certificate of French skills. It is a requirement for applications to, or enrolment at, higher education institutions in France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. 

The DELF certificate is issued by the French Ministry of Education, Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale and is valid indefinitely. Holzkirchen Private Day School holds fourth-level examinations, equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Registration for DELF

Registration is voluntary and is open to upper school students. Information on registration, fees and dates is issued to our students each October. The registration process, preparation course and examination itself take place at our school.