Primary School

Growing together

It is our belief that education is about far more than simply acquiring knowledge. School is a place where new generations put down roots.

Our society is renewed, generation after generation, by children seeking to explore the world and conquer its challenges. Society of the future requires strong individuals who are well-educated and who have goals, take decisive action, and can deal with and resolve conflict. People who take pleasure in being who they are and in being a part of society.

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Our Pedagogigal concept and the following text describe how we guide and support students along their path through youth to adulthood.

Private Ganztagsschule Holzkirchen, relies on dedicated teachers with the ambition and the ability to make a difference. The atmosphere at our school is founded on a basis of mutual respect and the highly motivated, international mindset of our team. Our school’s moderate size and comfortable, attractive surroundings make it a place we like to be.

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The all-day school concept creates the scope for varied, interesting days with plenty of breaks, exercise, fresh air, healthy food and a range of possibilities to explore the world.


Admissions to PGH are not based on parents' finances, but on the ability to identify with our concept and our values. We invite you to find out more about us and look forward to meeting you and your child for a personal interview.


"School is the place where new generations put down their roots."


Ready, steady, go!

English is the world language. Therefore, at PGH, English is taught from day one. It is our firm belief that the earlier a child starts to learn a foreign language, the better! Experience tells us that children who learn English from a younger age find the transition to secondary school smoother. Our English curriculum is taught by a native speaker in the primary school.

In Years 1 and 2, English is taught in a playful way, with the key focus on speaking and listening.

PGH Private Ganztagsschule Holzkirchen Grundschule Englisch

In Years 3 and 4, children are expected to read and understand short texts, as well as to develop basic English writing skills. Pupils learn new vocabulary on a regular basis. Where possible, some elements of the primary HSU curriculum are addressed in English lessons.


Becoming familiar with
languages is becoming
familiar with the world.


Exploring the world

Activity groups

Most children voluntarily take part in at least one extra-curricular activity per week. Every teacher offers an activity. We also employ external teachers for sports and music. This enables us to provide an extensive array of activities from acrobatics to Zumba, music, crafts, scientific research and languages.

Registration for the extra-curricular clubs is at the beginning and at the half-way point of the school year and is binding for the following half-year period.


Dyslexia and dyscalculia support

The Zaubergarten is a specially equipped room where students with dyslexia and dyscalculia receive support. Two teachers certified as dyslexia therapists offer coaching after lessons. Students diagnosed with dyslexia thus do not need to attend further external training after their school day.

To complement medical diagnosis, we conduct in-depth analysis and focus on individual challenges. In classes, we ensure that the needs of dyslexic learners are taken into consideration.

Training is free; although please note that places are limited.