school year 2023/2024

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Easter-themed floor plastic

Our grades 5 and 6 painted over 300 eggs. The aim of the floor sculpture is to make the viewer think and give them a new understanding of the surroundings. With this in mind, we wish everyone a happy Easter.


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The Easter Bunny was here!

Our primary school students searching for an Easter basket. Thanks to class 11a for their active support of the Easter bunny.

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Student exchange Paris 2024

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Congratulations to our primary school students!

A group of students won the first place in the district primary school swimming in Miesbach. We are very proud of you!


Spanish language trip to Seville

Classes 10 and 11 had an educational and experiential language trip to Seville (Spain) from February 25th to March 1st, 2024. The program items included:


  • Intensive language course (20h)
  • Stay with a Spanish host family (full board)
  • Certificate of completion of the course with accreditation by the Cervantes Institute
  • Cultural activities with the group leader


  • Cultural tour of the historic center of Seville and Plaza de España
  • Visit to the Triana district
  • Visit to the Santa Cruz district



  • Flamenco dance class or cooking workshop
  • Visit to the Giralda
  • Visit to the Reales Alcazares


We would like to thank Mr. Delgado for the planning and organization on site.

high school information evening

Our information evening for the 2024/2025 school year will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 23th, 2024.

No registration is required, we look forward to your participation.

You are welcome to fill out the contact form online for the initial consultation that follows.

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We would like to thank Ms. Hansmeier from the German Bundesbank for her presentation on monetary policy in the euro area.


The art of real soap boiling

As part of the P-Seminar Chemistry (course leader Ms. Lazaridou), speakers from Austria visited us on November 10th, 2023 so that we could take part in a full-day professional soap making workshop.

If you have already got a taste for it after reading this short description, we would like to invite you to purchase one of our products yourself in the week before the Christmas holidays to give your loved ones a loving gift and, on the other hand, to give us ours to support the project.

The art of real soap boiling

As part of the P-Seminar Chemistry (course leader Ms. Lazaridou), speakers from Austria visited us on November 10th, 2023 so that we could take part in a full-day professional soap making workshop.

Elementary school information evening

Our information evening for the school year 2024/2025 of the primary school will take place on Thursday, November 9th, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

No registration is required, we look forward to your participation.

You are already able to do that Kontaktformular fill out online for the subsequent initial consultation. Our secretariat will then contact you regarding the appointment.

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Student exchange with Eagle River High School in Anchorage, Alaska

Eventful 14 days in Alaska.

22 students from our 11. classes had the unique opportunity to attend classes in high school and explore Alaska with their host families. An unforgettable experience.

We would like to thank the host families and look forward to the return visit from the American students in June 2024!

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A good start to all students in grades 1 and 5, and to all other students and teachers for a fresh, eventful and successful new school year!

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Congratulations to our successful high school graduates!

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Object art - individual chairs in miniature format

With the 11th class we built individual chairs in miniature format in the field of object art. 

The students used various techniques such as mounting, assemblage and compression. The chairs should reflect the feelings and character of the artist. 


Vortrag PGH

Sustainable development for a future worth living

We thank Florian Kohlhammer from the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) for his lecture and the discussion with our students, which gave us insights into his work. The focus was on developments in the field of sustainable energy production - in Germany and around the world.

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Student exchange France 2023!

We would like to thank all the host families here and in Paris who made the exchange possible.

At the same time, we are already looking forward to new experiences next year!

"Nous remercions toutes les familles d'accueil, chez nous et aussi à Paris, qui ont rendu l'échange possible !

En même temps, nous attendons déjà avec impatience les nouvelles expériences de l'année prochaine!"


Partnerschule Vertragsabschluss PGH

Partner school for the PGH!

After the success of our first German-French exchange, we officially reached an agreement with the Lycée Carcado Saisseval on May 11, 2023 to continue the exchange in the form of a school partnership. The headmasters Cyrille Niol and Peter Globocnik have signed an agreement that will continue to connect the two schools in the future. We are extremely pleased that in the Lycée Carcado Saisseval we have found a school that shares our values ​​and ideas about education. Many thanks to Agnès Roubille and Nathalie Aniel, who organized the exchange between the schools with great commitment!

Please click here to go to the website of our partner school.

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HOLA Valencia!

In March, 18 of our 10th graders, who chose Spanish as their third foreign language, went to Valencia with Mr. Delgado for a language stay.

Each morning started with Spanish classes, followed by a cultural program in the afternoon.

The students were housed in Spanish families. We thank you for the warm support and look forward to your next visit!

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French exchange students from Paris at the private high school.

From 02.02. to 09.02.2023, French students in grades 8 - 11 are with our students' host families. The guest students are 2 days in the classroom and 2 days for the cultural program in Munich. The host families have planned an attractive program for the weekend. A big thank you for this and for welcoming us into the family!

In May, our exchange students will attend the Paris High School for a week.

 Many thanks to our French teacher Madame Roubille, who organized everything very enthusiastically.

Sonnenfinsternis PGH

Partial Solar Eclipse

Usually, Dr. Baumgartner set up the telescope with his astrophysics course at night on dirt roads around Holzkirchen.

Today, exciting things could also be observed in daylight. Our balcony became an observatory and everyone who was interested could watch the partial solar eclipse.

UNICEF Spendenlauf PGH Holzkirchen

Charity run for Ukraine

Many thanks to all athletic students who completed a successful charity run. UNICEF thanks you for your participation!

PGH Holzkirchen Abitur 2022

Congratulations to all of our successful high school graduates!

We wish you all the best for the future and look forward to you staying with us as an alum.

Zeitungsartikel Holzkirchner Merkur

PGH Golfturnier

The PGH golf team achieves a great 2nd place!

We congratulate our students on a successful 2nd place in the school team championships in the district final of the golf youth.


Spring festival postponed on May 12, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m