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We are a state recognised, privately funded primary and secondary school, providing all-day tuition. We accompany our students on their journey from their very first day at school to their school leaving qualifications.

We identify and encourage individual talents and skills in our students, with the aim of enabling them to take pleasure in their achievements and carve out their own personal place in the community. We want our students to look back fondly on their time at school and remember it as a positive experience.

Selecting the appropriate school for your child is both an exciting and daunting experience. The choice of school sets your child on course for the future. At PGH, we take all the time you need and are happy to advise and answer your questions. Contact us to make an appointment for a visit with your child.

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A good start to all students in grades 1 and 5, and to all other students and teachers for a fresh, eventful and successful new school year!

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Congratulations to our successful high school graduates!

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Object art - individual chairs in miniature format

With the 11th class we built individual chairs in miniature format in the field of object art. 

The students used various techniques such as mounting, assemblage and compression. The chairs should reflect the feelings and character of the artist.